The Works 3D/4D/HD Heartbeat Bear Package




The best package for sharing “A View of a Lifetime” with family and friends!

  • Gender Determination / Confirmation (upon request)
  • Listen to the Baby’s Heartbeat
  • 4 color photos, 4 x 6
  • Whole ultrasound session recorded for future playback
  • All high resolution pictures and video emailed to you exclusively through Mommy Access
  • 8GB USB Drive with entire live ultrasound and all the sessions pictures
  • Your choice of any Heartbeat Bear in stock- includes recording of your baby’s heartbeat
  • $20 Off any future appointments  scheduled for the same pregnancy
  • Access to Sonostream! Invite family and friends all over the world to view your ultrasound, no matter WHERE they are! – Additional $12.95 per User